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“Too often we live our routine lives, work our 9-5 jobs, and go to church two or three times a week. But how often do we actually reach out to help someone? The Lord has commissioned us to minister to people. We must tell them that someone loves them. God has entrusted us with the awesome task of telling people of his saving grace and love. We want to give our best.”



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Tom and Troye 

The Dalton Gang is entertaining, talented and most of all music ministers. They skillfully blend music and testimony. As the concert unfolds, it’s hard to sit through the Dalton Gang’s concert without getting involved - singing along and worshipping with them. Perhaps the most important element of their presentation is Tom’s unique ability to establish a rapport with his listeners. It is evident that he desires to reach out and impact the lives of the audience; encouraging them to love one another so that Christ will be glorified in their lives. Their country style, superb family harmony and lively presentation takes them coast to coast. The Dalton Gang has played at the White House in Washington, DC, on concert stages (Ohio State Fair, Dollywood, Renfro Valley, Kentucky Apple Festival), and many churches including Greentree Ministries in Atlantic City, NJ and Dr. Stewart McBernie’s church in Glendale, CA. The Dalton Gang’s music is heard nationally on Christian radio and television. “There’s Always A Rainbow” and “There Is Strength In The Lord”, played by Salem’s southern gospel music network, SOLID GOSPEL, sent encouragement to millions and prompted response from across the nation. The Dalton Gang has enjoyed Top 20 songs nationally. Tom has written songs recorded by some of Southern Gospel Music’s most popular groups such as the McKameys, Spencers and the Singing Cookes. They have been seen by millions on Christian television such as TBN, GMT, PTL, CTN, Daystar, Dove and many syndicated and local programs. During the 1990’s, the two Daltons joined Nashville’s music industry when a health issue forced the Dalton Gang into a sabbatical from full-time ministry. Although Tom and Cheryl were not actively touring at the time, they continued to be active in developing and establishing many other gospel music artists. Tom worked on Nashville’s Music Row where he was Marketing Director for Multimedia/Music City News’ GOSPEL VOICE magazine. He also founded Brentwood Talent and Marketing, a promotions and management company with clients such as the Crabb Family, Sparrow Records, Charlie Daniels, Marty Raybon, Andy Griffith, and Bill Gaither & the Homecoming Corporation. In 2001, they again picked up their tour schedule and put the Dalton Gang back on the road. Sincerity and dedication just begin to describe the Dalton Gang. They’re real. Real people. Singing about real salvation and real hope through the Lord Jesus Christ.


"One of the most wholesome, fun family acts in the business. These folks are real and I'm glad to call them my friends." Marty Raybon, Country music entertainer "One of the most exciting groups in gospel music today. Their vocals are right up there with the legends and their productions are superb. Anointed is the right description." Stella Parton, Country music entertainer "Real people, singing real music, about a REAL GOD" Greg Hutchins, DJ, Solid Gospel Radio network "Their music matches their heart--sincere, real and good." Bruce Edwards, DJ, WCGW, Lexington, KY "The old Dalton Gang robbed banks and today's Dalton Gang will steal your heart....Turn 'em loose and let 'em sing." Robin Clayton, DJ, WLRC, Walnut, MS "A truly inspired group that pulls heart strings. A group that truly honors God." JR Pitsenbarger, DJ WCWV, Summersville, WV "It is refreshing to hear such 'sweet family harmony' as presented by the Dalton Gang. Their music stirs the soul and brightens the heart! I am always honored to work with them!" Dr. Calvin Ray Evans, Evangelist and Pastor, Calvin Evans Evangelistic Outreach Ministries "They are real. They are true gospel. They relate to church folk. And they LOVE God." Pastor Jay Wilburn, Bible Baptist "Heartfelt, friendly, absolutely genuine. My friends." Dr. Steve Dailey, Mt. Calvary Center "Totally commiteed to the Lord, serving Him in song and testimony. I have known them for many years and I consider it a personal privilege to recommend them." Pastor Charles Potter, Tennessee Ridge Baptist "Call 'em good down home country gospel with a classy uptown delivery. I call 'em warm and genuine and I call 'em saved." Dee Gaskin, Award winning songwriter "One of the best. They're favorites. We get calls all the time for their music and their soundtracks." Glenda Johnson, J & G Christian Bookstore "I so enjoyed your concert at Valley Mission Nazarene. The music was great but I especialloy was impressed by the sincere family unity of love and mutual appreciation of each other. My favorite song was GINN"Y's NEW HOME which has a dynamic message of its own but your presentation is so moving. Thank you for serving so generously of yourselves. Mary, Bedford Bible Bookstore


"The first professional group to record a Gerald Crabb song was "The Dalton Gang" in 1985 with 'STILL, SMALL VOICE,' later recorded by Ivan Parker and twice by Gold City." Gerald Crabb (award winning singer-songwriter, evangelist and patriarch of The Crabb Family), biography. www.geraldcrabb.net The Dalton Gang was the first to record (and publish) the hit song "Coming Out Of The Wilderness." It was the WILBURNS' career-making hit. The Dalton Gang was the first to record "Battle Scarred Soldier" which was later recorded by the BISHOPS. It was one of their first hits.


  • "Fear Not The Journey" - NEW
  • "Blessing Are Mine" - #6 Christian Voice - 2011
  • "In The Storm" - #34 Singing News - 2011
  • "When The Hammer Struck The Nails" - Top 80 Singing News 2010
  • "Lord, Send Me" - #73 Singing News-December 2007
  • "Ginny's New Home" - #49 Singing News-August 2007, #12 PowerSource-October 2007
  • "Bring The Broken Pieces" - #37 Singing News-April 2007, #20 Gospel Music News-May 2007
  • "There Is Strength In The Lord" - SOLID GOSPEL network Heavy airplay summer 2006
  • "There's Always A Rainbow" - SOLID GOSPEL network Heavy airplay summer 2005
  • "He Is My Everything" - released Spring 2005
  • "I'm The One" - Top 20 Singing News 1988
  • "Call Me A Dummy (I Believe The Holy Bible Is True)" - Top 40 Singing News 1987
  • "I Will Make It Home" - Top 30 Singing News 1986
  • "It's More Than I Have Here" - Top 30 Singing News 1985